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Providing independent audit and review services

•Expert and robust loan analysis and risk mitigation services across the finance sector including performing and non-performing loans, RMBS, CMBS, personal loans, credit cards and auto finance.

•We are a completely independent company formed by knowledgeable and experienced banking and finance professionals, whom previously established Euro Risk Management, Clayton Euro Risk and Situs Loan Risk Advisory. Our shareholders do not have conflicts of interest and are not connected to servicers in any way. We also take steps to ensure our consultants do not have any conflicts of interest on any project on which they work.

•We will work with clients to provide clear and structured reports tailored to specific needs. The review team can work alongside a client’s team with minimum disruption to the business being supported or under assessment. 

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Core Services


Considering the quality of the loan origination against the criteria in place at that time, as well as industry best practices.


Considering the quality of the loan data provided against that found on file and in the origination and servicing systems.

The team have vast experience in understanding the policies and procedures undertaken by lenders and are able to check adherence to criteria in place as well as consider compliance with regulation and industry best practices.


As well as completing reviews on pools of loans being traded, the QA service is available on a regular basis for lenders and their warehouse providers offering first line support.  Risk Advisory Europe has developed software and a reporting suite which provides focused information and a reporting style which identifies operational issues and decisions which do not meet the lender’s criteria as well as offering suggestions to improve efficiency, tighten controls and increase market opportunity by widening product criteria.


An all-encompassing service when reviewing a loan book which may be tailored to meet the specific needs of sellers, buyers and funders. The scope is to seek out any evident risks that a buyer should be aware of and to evaluate these in respect of their size and impact either financially or otherwise, such as reputational or regulatory.


Considering the quality of the on-going loan servicing against the policies in place as well as industry best practices. These reviews are typically undertaken at least annually or ongoing as part of a QA programme.


Considering the quality of the loan origination team including:

  • sales and marketing

  • approvals in principle

  • third party provider on-boarding and monitoring

  • underwriting

  • quality assurance and compliance


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